Automate your editorial programming

LiveMap Mockup      Whether you are programming your own content or User Generated Content (UGC) across your site, editorial programming costs can be expensive and time consuming. LiveHit eliminates the need to have a costly editorial team by automating the process and surfacing your most popular content in real-time. By measuring how many users on your site are concurrently consuming content at any given time, LiveHit will provide access to the hottest material that people are viewing in real-time. Partners can choose between getting a LiveMap data feed that will populate your existing user interface, having LiveHit power and replicate your current user interface module, or can select from a selection of LiveHit LiveMaps which are exportable widgets showcasing what’s hot in the moment across your site, and refreshes in front of your viewers eyes. Additionally, LiveHit can provide you with the data in the form of a visual interface or can provide it in a text based reporting format. LiveMap data powers the real-time social discovery on your site which drives deeper engagement by users interacting with content more relevant to them.

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