Site optimization equals site monetization

As more and more users take to the internet to share with friends and family, a wealth of user information becomes available. Watching how your users are interacting with your site allows you to optimize your site flow, look and feel, and content presented to them. Whether it’s as simple as changing the color or placement of a button, or as intricate as adjusting a campaign on the fly, LiveHit can help you modify your frontend to maximize appeal to your end users. LiveHit can also help automate this process by working with partners to change consumer facing modules in real-time.

Want to understand how your users are interacting with your content both on your site and as it traverses the web while it is happening? LiveHit live event tracking is a service that can track any event that takes place across your site that involves user interactions in real-time. LiveEvents are tracking codes that can be placed in any component on a given page of your site. This includes media players, flash games, widgets, applications, and more. LiveHit tracks the events within the module while they’re happening to measure popularity and gauge user interactions live in the moment. LiveHit can track down to the popularity of a streaming song ID and can track syndicated content as it traverses the network. By tracking these interactions, you can optimize your business endeavors by gaining a better understanding of your user’s experiences and how they consume content. In turn, this can lead to better targeting, segmentation, and programming