Partnership Opportunities

LiveHit actively pursues strategic partnerships with leading companies in the social media, social networking, youth, and search and discovery space. We partner with Publishers, Content Providers, Ad Networks, and Distributors/Infrastructure. We invite partnerships that provide high value to our members and the members of our partners, and have the potential to generate revenues for both parties. If you would like to discuss partnership opportunities with LiveHit, please contact us at

About LiveHit Business Services

LiveHit has a Business Services component that caters to our partners such as Publishers, Content Providers, and Ad Networks. The LiveHit platform collects valuable cross-network data and uses velocity-based tracking and dynamic-predictive modeling to gauge the propensity of something to become hot. This allows partners to program their sites and target ads in real-time. LiveHit is an aggregation hub connecting publishers, content providers, ad-networks, and distributers around social discovery and data. We can also handle deep analytical tracking and reporting for partners to see how their content is performing cross-network and relative to the competition. The end result is a mission-critical Social Discovery System that drives distribution, engagement, and monetization to partners while providing a core discovery service for end-users.