Track overall activity in real-time for one or more of your web sites. LiveTags keep track of which web pages are popular now... whether it be 3 visits per minute or 3 million. LiveTags have tracked crowd activity on some of the web's largest sites.

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Real-Time Solutions

LiveAnalytics: Leverage real-time data intelligence to drive social media marketing

Understanding your users’ key motivators and intents while interacting on your site and with your site content can seem elusive and intangible. Social Media Marketing (SMM) has been a strong key to unlocking the promotion of your website’s visibility, and enables people to educate and familiarize themselves with your website’s content. Most importantly, it can help drive traffic, attention, repeat visitors, and monetization for your site. LiveHit can improve response rates of your Social Media Marketing campaigns.

The LiveHit LiveAnalytics service provides both standard and personalized real-time analytical reports that are custom tailored towards your exact needs. LiveAnalytics can be broken out by region, users, traffic summaries, LiveEvent and LiveMap statistics, all easily accessible from your own secure reporting portal. See data in real-time as it updates by the second, and also provides sorting by hour, day, and month to provide historical views into your usage patterns. The ability to slice data by geography, users, and events is available to provide custom reports that are specific to the needs of each partner site. LiveHit can also measure velocity, so partners can gauge when content is going to become hot – a great way to program your site and target ads. LiveAnalytics is the real-time monitoring tool for your custom reporting and Social Media Marketing needs.