Groovy/µCirrus Real Time DOW Monitor w/Selectable channels


LiveHit Backend Solutions

LiveHit is built on a highly scalable backend platform designed to handle the traffic of the largest sites on the web.

Real-time Data Intelligences Platform

Web service providers that partner with LiveHit get real-time analytics on their content usage patterns and user interactions. A secure reporting portal provides access to data that refreshes by the second and also provides a historical hourly, daily, and monthly view for partners to analyze their site usage patterns. All providing the tool-set necessary for any marketer, producer, or sales person to maximize ROI on campaigns and programs.

LiveHit User Facing Solutions

LiveHit offers three core consumer facing solutions that help maximize ROI on partner sites

Social Discovery

LiveHit drives engagement and retention by connecting users with who’s hot and what’s hot across our
partner sites in real-time. We measure concurrent usage of users consuming content to determine what is
most popular. Then we offer feeds and/or frontend widgets called LiveMaps (patent pending) that are embedded in partner sites and showcase the top rated content as people are viewing them live in the moment. LiveHit can create custom LiveMaps per partner or can use existing site modules to showcase what’s hot. Watch page - views per user, click-throughs, and time spent on service go up by measurable percentages on your site!

A/B Split Testing and Site Optimization

Site optimization can now be automated by performing real-time A/B split testing and adjusting site flow and campaigns in process to maximize ROI. LiveHit provides the backend data and automation tools to manage frontend ad and marketing campaigns as they’re happening. No longer do you need to wait until a campaign is over to measure success and make adjustments for the next campaign. Modify on the fly and watch your ad revenue and social media marketing impact increase in real-time.

Social Media Marketing / Advertising Lift

User profiling on hundreds of millions of users is used for ad and behavioral targeting in real-time on a per page per user basis to increase eCPMs. LiveHit helps you monitor your site usage patterns, we can also help you understand your user’s behaviors. By building user profiles on your user base, LiveHit can help leverage this invaluable data in real-time to target personalized advertising to your users on a per page per user basis.