About Us


What is LiveHit™?

LiveHit is a leading provider of real-time data intelligence offering both backend analytics and frontend turn-key solutions that leverage our clients’ data to help them optimize their site. A secure real-time data reporting portal is available that allows partners to track any user interaction (LiveEvent™) across their site in the moment it’s happening. By monitoring these live events, LiveHit offers a specialized suite of tangible frontend services for clients to drive engagement, retention, and monetization on their sites. LiveHit can showcase what’s hot and who’s hot across clients’ sites in real-time. We can also help track user actions for site optimization, and to provide lift for clients’ social media marketing/advertising campaigns. LiveHit partners with publishers, content providers, ad networks/agencies, portals, and web service providers. Our service extends across multiple vertical offerings including social networking, entertainment, e-commerce, sports, news, games, and more.

How are we different?

Most other analytics sites are not offered in real-time, and only focus on core business metrics such as page views, unique users, and time on site. LiveHit tracks a deeper level of engagement on your site through live events that are custom tailored towards your needs. We don’t just measure how users pass through your site, we measure how they interact live with every individual component you want to track. LiveHit is the only site that provides real-time event driven data analytics along with a unique complimentary suite of front end solutions that help you act on your valuable data instead of only viewing it. Additionally, we have a team of dedicated professionals to offer consulting services on how to optimize your site.

Why this matters to you?

Most web services providers today have little insights into what their users are doing on their site live in the moment. Therefore they cannot showcase the most relevant content to them, cannot maximize social media marketing, and cannot optimize their advertising. We can find where your users are in real-time, and we can help you get them in front of the most monetizable content you want them to view. Through your actionable data, LiveHit enables automated editorial programming, shows how your users are concurrently consuming content, and gives insight into user and site usage patterns – all in real-time to provide immediate results. These results include the reduction of editorial programming costs, and the ability for marketers to extend reach and relevance through increased response rates of social media marketing programs and ad-targeting